1. Punctuality, regularity, discipline and manners must be observed in the school.
  2. Chewing of gums in the school premises is strictly prohibited.
  3. The student must come to school in the prescribed neat & clean uniform.
  4. Leave application must be sent in time; otherwise the students will be marked absent.
  5. Application for leave beyond 7 days must be accompanied by medical certificate.
  6. The student suffering from infectious disease will be allowed to attend the class only after the production of medical fitness certificate.
  7. Parents are not allowed to go to the class room directly.
  8. The students should keep their nails trimmed and teeth clean.
  9. All the waste material should be put into the dustbin.
  10. The student will not be allowed to leave the school during working hours unless he/she produces a note in the daily signed by parents/ guardians.
  11. A parent –teacher meeting will be held at the end of every month. The date and time will be communicated to the parents through children.